BBQ Teams Pulled Pork Tasting

Total Cash Prizes $1000.00

1st Place $250 In Cash and Other Prizes
2nd Place $150 In Cash and Other Prizes
3rd Place $150 In Cash and Other Prizes
4th-11th $50.00

BBQ Teams pulled pork . Each team will sell 2 oz of pulled pork  for $3 to general public on July 4th from 1:00-3:00.


Pulled pork . From 1:00 pm till 3:00 pm on July 4th teams will be able to sell two (2) oz of pulled pork for $3 to the general public. It is up to each team how much pulled pork  you are planning to sell, but you will receive only 150 tickets  -1 ticket will be given for sale of 2 oz pulled pork .  You can sell more pulled pork after you sell 150 tickets but these will not be used for the judging. General public will choose the winner. The winner will receive $250 and prizes, second place $150 and prize, third place $150 and prize, 4-11 place $50.

  • Each team will get 150 tickets (you can sell more pulled pork than this, but you will only get judged on 150 tickets that you hand out).
  • Each team will have a different colored ticket for their team.
  • Each taster will be able to rate the pulled pork from 1 -3:

1=Not my favorite
2=Good but not great
3=Best Pulled Pork ever!

  • Each taster will then take their vote to the nearest counter,  there will be many people around collecting tickets, and from there all scores will be tallied up.