The Best Ribs in the EAST

“The Best Ribs in the EAST”- in memory of Mike Grudzinskas. From 1:00 pm till 3:00 pm on July 7th and 8th teams will be able to sell two ribs for $3 to the general public, You can bring pre-smoked ribs or raw if you wish. It is up to each team how much ribs you are planning to sell,but you will need 300 ribs 1 ticket will be given for two ribs – total 150 tickets that the public will use to judge. You can sell more ribs but they will not be used for the judging. You must sell ribs as an individual bone only. You can’t sell half a rack or full rack of ribs. General public will choose the winner. Winner will receive $1,000 cash and prizes, second place $500 and prize, third place $350 and prize, 4-10 place $50.

Total $2,000 in cash and prizes each day

You can compete one day or both days. If you compete both days  the top 3 teams (combined score) will receive a bonus (TBA).