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Kids in the Kitchen

Hot Diggity Dog


1st Place $100.00
2nd Place $50.00
3rd Place $25.00

1)      How well did the chef follow the rules of the theme
2)      Hot Dog Creativity
3.)      Overall Taste


1)      Each Chef/Team will be supplied “6” six hot dogs by Contest Organizer.  No additional Hot Dogs can be substituted for entry.

2)      Entry trays will be supplied (9X9) by organizer.  #Tray supplied must be used for turnins of 4 Hot Dog Entry and will be presented to the judging panel.  The tray does not have to be closed and can be decorated on both the inside and outside.  Any inside decoration must be food safe.

3)      4 Hot Dogs maybe presented whole or in pieces.  If presented whole after presentation the Head Judges will cut the entry for tasting by the judges.


Go For The Gold Salad


1)      Visual appearance

2)      Creativity

3)      Overall Taste



1)      Entry trays will be supplied (9X9) by organizer.  # Tray supplied must be used for turnins and will be presented to the judging panel.


2)      The salad must be enough for six (6) sample portions.


3)      Anything edible can be put in the box, be creative.


4)      Salad can be dressed, undressed or on the side (containers will be supplied)



Parents and Guardians Rules and Regulations


1)      Parents/Guardians are responsible for starting and controlling the fire.  No Chef/Contestant should be involved with the fire.

2)      Parents/Guardians are responsible for any cutting of the entries if Chef/Contestant so desires in order to create and follow the theme for turnin.

3)      Parents/Guardians may carry the entry to the turnin table.  The Chef/Contestant must be present at the turnin table to answer questions.  If the Chef/Contestant is not present the entry will not be accepted.

4)      The Parents/Guardians will refrain from “taking charge”  they are there to assist and act as an aide to help the Chef/Contestant compete.

5)      The Box must be decorated by the Chef./Contestant.


Entry Box/Tray


1)      Creativity is encouraged both inside and outside the box.  Anything goes!  Have Fun! Be Creative!

a.       Inside the Box- You can use anything edible or non edible to make your entry the most spectacular entry to WOW the judges.  Anything touching food must be food safe.

b.      Outside the Box- No Edible foods can be outside the box.  These boxes will be handled by a number of contest representatives prior to arriving at the judging table.  You can make it as decorative within the theme as possible.  Paint, Color, Height, Etc. whatever you choose.



Theme: TBA

Turn-in Times TBA

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