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Each contest is sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society, whose rules apply to the four main KCBS entries of Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork and Beef Brisket. See Rulebook at . Eligible competitors also can earn points towards the NEBS "Team of the Year” by registering themselves on .

Contests sanctioned by the Northeast Barbecue Society must be prepared in accordance with NEBS Rules and presented the way the cook wants it to be eaten. All entries must be cooked on site and include at least 6 portions. Eligible competitors can earn points towards the NEBS "Ken Dakai Cup” by registering themselves on , and adhering to applicable NEBS rules.

Team Information:
Each team must attend the Mandatory cooks meeting (high school building). The turn in location, and any other questions will be answered at this time. It is suggested that all contestants and advisors attend this meeting. Your numbered boxes will be handed out at this time.
Each team will receive individual judge’s scores in each category as well as any feedback the judges wish to include as to why they scored the way they did.
Questions regarding scoring / weighting factors / point system, etc. shoud be directed to your contest rep. The decision of the judges, contest reps and organizers are final.

All NEBS and KCBS rules apply as presented on their respective websites and Rules of Conduct apply to all areas of the competition areas.
Electricity: please communicate your electrical needs to Dmitry on your application.
Electricity for light general use only such as lighting is provided at no cost. Please bring 100’ of extension cord and outdoor rated power strips for your electrical hookup. If you have higher electrical requirements than general lighting you must bring your own quiet run generator.
Ice: Ice is available on-site at a nominal cost.
Meat Storage/Food Handling: Proper storage of meat is required. It must be maintained below 40F or above 140F. Proper handling of food is required.
Donate left-over food. Leftover food will be picked up by the ILBBQF volunteers. More details will be provided at the Cooks Meeting.


NEBS Grilling Bash & BBQ competition @ I Love BBQ Festival Rules & Info
Total Cash Prizes 1,500.00
1st Place $500 in Cash and Other Prizes
2nd Place $300.00 In Cash and Other Prizes
3rd Place $250.00 In Cash and Other Prizes
4th-12th $50.00
———NEBS Grilling & BBQ Bash (NGBB) turn in Times ————–
Friday, July 6th, 2018
6:30 pm – NGBB New York Strip Steak Turn in
7:00 pm – NGBB Chicken Turn in
7:30 pm – NGBB Fatty Turn in
8:00 pm – NGBB Pizza Turn in

NY Strip Steak: NEBS Standard Garnish
STANDARD GARNISH – Only green leaf lettuce, Italian or flat leaf parsley, curly parsley and kale. No stuffing allowed. Entry may not be wrapped with another item, (i.e. meat or pastry dough). Sauces, if used, shall be on the entry. No sauce containers are allowed. Chunks in any sauce must be finely diced. For NEBS purposes, ‘finely diced’ is defined as less than 1/8 inch in size. Additional edible products, of any kind, in the sauce are OK as long as these products are finely diced. Non-edible objects are NOT allowed in the entry box.
Chicken: NEBS Open Garnish
OPEN GARNISH – Anything goes. Stuffing, wrapping, skewers, and decorations of any kind edible or not are allowed. Any size chunks or ingredients can be used. Cooks should remember the judges will be instructed to evaluate how well the cook has represented the contest category. Excessive garnish or additional ingredients, that covers or hides the appearance and/or taste of the defined category, may result in a lower score.
Sausage Fatty: NEBS Open Garnish, Stuffing IS allowed – any kind you want.
OPEN GARNISH – Anything goes. Stuffing, wrapping, skewers, and decorations of any kind edible or not are allowed. Any size chunks or ingredients can be used. Cooks should remember the judges will be instructed to evaluate how well the cook has represented the contest category. Excessive garnish or additional ingredients, that covers or hides the appearance and/or taste of the defined category, may result in a lower score.
Pizza: No Garnish
NO GARNISH – Only edible portions of the category item may be in the box.

“The Best Ribs in the EAST”
In memory of Mike Grudzinskas.
From 1:00 pm till 3:00 pm on July 6th and 7th, teams will be able to sell two ribs for $3 to the general public, You can bring pre-smoked ribs or raw if you wish. It is up to each team how much ribs you are planning to sell, but you will need 200 ribs - 1 ticket will be given for two ribs – total 100 tickets that the public will use to judge.
You can sell more ribs but they will not be used for the judging. You must sell ribs as an individual bone only. You can’t sell half a rack or full rack of ribs. General public will choose the winner.
Winner will receive $500 cash and prizes, second place $300 and prize, third place $250 and prize, 4-10 place $50. Total $1450 in cash and prizes each day
You can compete one day or both days. If you compete both days the top 3 teams (combined score) will receive a bonus. Overall (combined score) 1st place $500- 2nd $ 300- 3rd $ 200.
10th Annual Lake Placid Top Chef Competition
In Memory of Nancee Gell
ILBBQF presents the chef’s, cook’s, BBQ teams pit masters the opportunity to participate in the 10th Annual Lake Placid Top Chef competition. During a 45 minute live demonstration, participants are required to present to the general public a dish that is demonstrated in front of the public.
Dish must include 3 major components meat/fish, veggie and fruit.
After the presentation is over the general public must taste the demonstrated food. Lake Placid Top Chef competition will take place during ILBBQF on July 7th.
During your presentation the public in attendance will receive a voting card with a point system (see below). After the presentation is over the ILBBQF staff will collect the cards and calculate the total score. On July 8th LP’s top Chef will be named.
First place winner will receive $500, trophy and prizes, second place $300 and prizes, third place $200 and prizes, 4-6 place $50.

The KCBS Contest is sanctioned by KCBS and, accordingly, the KCBS Rules and Regulations apply. It is recommended to download the KCBS Rules and Regulations handbook at on the website.

Total Cash prizes $9,000

Grand Champion $2,500

Reserve - $1,100

Reserve/Reserve - $1,000

Each category - $1,000

Rules and Regulations for I love Barbecue Youth World Championship

First place (overall) $500, prizes and Paul Smiths College scholarship for $10,000

Second place (overall) $300, prizes and Paul Smiths College scholarship for $6,000

Third place (overall) $200, prizes and Paul Smiths College scholarship for $4,000

* contestant needs to be 12-17 years old

The Decision and interpretations of the I Love Barbecue Youth Division Rules and Regulations are at the discretion of the ILBYWC Contest Representatives at the contest. Their decisions and interpretation are final.


  1. Contestants- The youth division will be open to all youth’s competitors Ages 12-16 individually or as teams.  Competitors must be 12 years old on the year of the event. Documentation will be required for all contestants to verify age. Drivers license or permit, HS ID and birth certificate, etc. Permission slips must be signed by a parent or guardian for any contestant under age 18.  Each team can have up to 2 apprentice’s age 10-15 years old.

  2. (Each team may have up to 2 Adult advisors who are responsible for the team (the advisors will be able to help in a verbal capacity.  They will also be permitted to start and tend the fire-but not the actual cooking of the product.) The actual prep, cooking and presentation of the product are the sole responsibility of the members of the team.  Any team whose advisor steps beyond the bounds outlined above will be disqualified.

  3. Each team will be assigned either a cooking space of their own, or one to mentor with a professional team. 

  4. Contestants may provide their own equipment but may use equipment and supplies if available and arranged in advance. Contestants must adhere to all electrical, fire and other codes.

        A fire extinguisher shall be near all cooking devices.

  1. Fires shall be of wood, wood pellets or charcoal. Gas and electric heat sources shall not be permitted for cooking or holding. Propane or electric is permitted as fire starters only, provided that the competition meat is not in/ on the cooking device. Electrical accessories such as spits, augers, or forced draft are permitted. No open pits or holes are permitted except at the election of the contest organizer. Fires shall not be built on the ground.

  2. Parboiling and/ or deep- frying competition meat is not allowed.

  3. All competition meats shall be inspected by the Official Meat Inspector during the times established by the contest organizer but not prior to the day before judging. Once the competition meat has been inspected, it shall not leave the contest site. Cooking shall not begin until the competition meat has been inspected by the Official Meat Inspector. All competition meat shall start out raw. No pre- seasoned meat is allowed other than manufacturer enhanced or injected products, as shown on label (EXCLUDING (but not limited

to): teriyaki, lemon pepper or butter injected). When the contest organizer supplies the meat, the contestant is not required to enter only that meat. (Competition meat not meeting these qualifications shall be disqualified; given a one (1) in all criteria by all six judges)

  1. No Garnish will be permitted

  2. The three ILBBQF youth division categories:  Chicken: includes Cornish Game Hen and Kosher chicken. Pork ribs: ribs shall include the bone. Country style ribs are prohibited. Dessert must be cooked and assembled on site.  

  3. Entries will be submitted in an approved ILBYWC container, provided by the contest organizer. The team numbers must be on the top of the box. The box shall not be marked in anyway so as to make the box identifiable. (Marked entries will receive a one (1) in all criteria from all Judges).

  4. Each contestant must submit at least eight (8) separate pieces in the box for judging. If there is not a piece for each judge to sample, the shorted judge(s) will score a one (1) on all criteria, and the judges having samples will change the Presentation score to one (1).)

The Dessert maybe presented any style, dish, pan, plate, platter, and will be divided at the judging table.

  1. Turn- in times will be announced at the Cooks Meeting. An entry will be judged only at the time  

Established by the contest organizer. The allowable turn- in time will be five (5) minutes

before to five (5) minutes after the posted time with no tolerance. Late entries will not be accepted.

Judging typically starts at Noon on Saturday, but could vary at any contest and be once an hour.

The three (3) Youth Division categories will be judged in the following order:




      11.     The following cleanliness and safety rules will apply:

A. No use of any tobacco products in the pit area.

B. Cleanliness of the cook, assistant cooks, cooking device( s) and the team’s assigned cooking space is required.

C. It is required that all team members as well as Advisors dress in a team uniform identifying all individuals as member of the said team. Points will be awarded or removed based on criteria during outside judging. If you are school team it is suggested you involve your school art department to help create and produce your unique Team logo and apparel to promote team spirit.

D. Sanitizing of work area should be implemented with use of bleach/water rinse. Each contestant will provide a separate container for washing, rinsing and sanitizing of utensils.


                E. First aid is not required to be provided by the contest, except at the election of the contest organizer.

                F. Prior to cooking, meat must be maintained a 40 degrees or less.

                G. After cooking, all meat:

                (a) Must be held at 140 degrees or above, -- or—

                (b) Cooked potentially hazardous food shall be cooled:

                (1) Within 2 hours from 140 degrees F to70 degrees F and

                (2) Within 4 hours from 70 degrees F to 41 degrees F or less

                (3) Potentially hazardous food (meat) that is cooked, properly cooled, and later reheated for hot holding and              

                 serving shall be reheated so that all parts of the food reach a temperature of at least 165 degrees F for a

                 minimum of 15 seconds.

                14. It is the responsibility of the contestant to see that the team’s assigned cooking space is clean and orderly

                following the contest. All fires must be put out, pits filled (if allowed by contest organizer), and all equipment

                removed from site. It is imperative that clean- up be thorough. Any team’s assigned cooking space left in

                disarray or with loose trash, other than at trash containers, may disqualify the team from future participation   

                at ILBYWC sanctioned events.

                15. There will be no refund of entry fees for any reason, except at the election of the contest organizer.

                16. Showmanship will be scored by an onsite judge and will include cleanliness of site, team uniform and    

                knowledge of rules. (each team will be asked 5 questions based on these rules)

                17. The following are grounds for Disqualification and removal from the contest

                A. Use of alcoholic beverages.

                B. Use of illegal controlled substances

                C. Foul, abusive or unacceptable language

                D. Fighting and/ or disorderly conduct

                E. Theft, dishonesty, cheating, use of prohibited meats, or any act involving moral turpitude.

                F. Use of gas or other auxiliary heat sources inside the cooking device.

                G. Advisor-Hands on doing any part of the process


          Judging Procedures ILBYWC sanctioning allows for blind judging only. Entries will   

               be submitted on approved pre-numbered ILBYWC  plates provided by the contest organizer. The plates will be   

               brought to the judges table and renumbered by a Rep or authorized personnel before being presented to the          


                1. Judges may not fraternize with teams on turn- in day until conclusion of judging.

                2. Judging will be done by a team of 6 persons, who are at least 16 years of age.

                 (Only Judges, Contest Reps and necessary support staff are allowed in judging area during the judging process. No other

                 activities are permitted in the judging area, during judging process. )

               3. Each judge will first score all the samples for presentation of the category based on the presentation

               criteria. The judge will then score each entry for taste which includes Flavor, texture and use of spice, and    

               finally Overall Balance which includes usage of ingredients and harmony before moving onto the next entry.

               4. The scoring system is from 9 to 2, all whole numbers between two and nine may be used to score an entry.  

               9 excellent, 8 very good, 7 above average, 6 average, 5 below average, 4 poor, 3 bad, and 2 inedible

               5. A score of one (1) is a disqualification and requires approval by a Contest Rep.

               6. The weighting factors for the point system are as follows: Appearance - 0. 5714, Taste - 2.2858,

               Tenderness / Texture - 1.1428

               7. The low score will be thrown out. Results will be tallied. If there is a tie in one of the categories, it will be

                broken by the computer, as follows: The scores will be compared (counting all five judges) for the highest

                cumulative scores in taste, then tenderness, then appearance. If still tied, then the low score, which was

                thrown out, will be compared and the higher of the low scores will break the tie. If still tied, then a computer            

                generated coin toss will be used.

                8. Total points per entry will determine the winner within each classification.

                9. Cumulative points for only the four (4) ILBYWC classifications along with the on site judges scores will    

                determine winner for the youth division of the ILBYWC.  

                10.  The decision of the judges, contest reps and organizers are final.  There will be no explanation of scoring  

                 other than the judge’s feedback cards and no appeal process for Disqualifications. (I.e. Late Turning,Advisor    


  1. Each team must attend the Mandatory cooks meeting (high school building). The turn in location, and  

any other questions will  be answered at this time.  It is suggested that all contestants and advisors attend this meeting. Your numbered boxes will be handed out at this time.

      12.  Each team will receive individual judge’s scores in each category as well as any feedback the judges wish      

               to include as to why they scored the way they did.

Lake Placid North American BBQ Brawl in memory of Michael Sawyer

Prizes: Overall Brawl winning teams receive trophy and $1000

Best Cook of the continent $500

Second place team competition $300


•Each cook (pitmaster) wishing to compete in the Lake Placid North American BBQ Brawl will have their name placed in a hat either Canadian or American. Names must be submitted to Dmitry no later than June 25. The names will be drawn on July 1.

• Three team captains from each country will be placed in a special location on the oval designating they are North American BBQ Brawl competitors. All cooking for the brawl must be done at this site.

• The team captain may recruit up to 3 additional team members from their country for their team. These members can have their own team in the ILBBQF and will not be placed in the designated area for the Brawl. • A cooks meeting will be held on Friday distributing 2 bags of secret ingredients (one for entrée one for dessert)


• Any prep may be completed after the ingredients are received however no cooking maybe started until 4PM Saturday, July 7th. The start of the contest. • The protein(s) must be cooked on wood, coal or pelets, any form of heat maybe used for the remainder of the ingredients including dessert.

• Cooks will have 2 hours to complete both the entrée and dessert. • All ingredients for each category must be used (any additional ingredients maybe added including protein(s)).


• Teams will turn-in 6 plates (supplied) for the entrée and 6 plates (supplied) for the dessert.


• Each entrée will be given a name by the Cook Team and supplied on the card given to the team and turned in with your entrée


• There will be one Best Cook on the Continent (highest number of points overall) however the overall Brawl winner will be determined by the highest number of points of the 3 teams added together from their Country. Rules for Choosing Cooks


• If you already have a team cooking with you those members are counted as 3 additional unless they sit out for this specific part of the competition.


• If more than one cook from any team puts their name in the hat and both are chosen then they must form separate teams to compete in this event. They must cook in separate cook sites. Judging Criteria


• Each part of the criteria will be scored separately with the highest being 3 points and will be added together for a total score in that criteria. (ex: 3 pts visual, 2 pts creativity, 2 pts proportional plating = 7 pts Presentation)


• Disqualification will be for not using all ingredients or not enough plates for all judges and will be assessed a 0 in the Overall Balance Criteria to be determined by the contest representative.



Presentation: 3-Excellent

Visual Appeal 2- Average

Creativity (How were the ingredients used) 1- Not so good

Proportional Plating including Sauces & Garnishes 0-Disqualification





Balance of Spices and/or Sauces

Overall Balance:

Overall use of ingredients

Compatibility of any additional ingredients

Name of Entrée (Does the name compliment the dish)


KIDS in the Kitchen

Hot Diggity Dog


1st Place $100.00
2nd Place $50.00
3rd Place $25.00

1)      How well did the chef follow the rules of the theme
2)      Hot Dog Creativity
3.)      Overall Taste


1)      Each Chef/Team will be supplied “6” six hot dogs by Contest Organizer.  No additional Hot Dogs can be substituted for entry.

2)      Entry trays will be supplied (9X9) by organizer.  #Tray supplied must be used for turnins of 4 Hot Dog Entry and will be presented to the judging panel.  The tray does not have to be closed and can be decorated on both the inside and outside.  Any inside decoration must be food safe.

3)      4 Hot Dogs maybe presented whole or in pieces.  If presented whole after presentation the Head Judges will cut the entry for tasting by the judges.


Go For The Gold Salad


1)      Visual appearance

2)      Creativity

3)      Overall Taste



1)      Entry trays will be supplied (9X9) by organizer.  # Tray supplied must be used for turnins and will be presented to the judging panel.


2)      The salad must be enough for six (6) sample portions.


3)      Anything edible can be put in the box, be creative.


4)      Salad can be dressed, undressed or on the side (containers will be supplied)



Parents and Guardians Rules and Regulations


1)      Parents/Guardians are responsible for starting and controlling the fire.  No Chef/Contestant should be involved with the fire.

2)      Parents/Guardians are responsible for any cutting of the entries if Chef/Contestant so desires in order to create and follow the theme for turnin.

3)      Parents/Guardians may carry the entry to the turnin table.  The Chef/Contestant must be present at the turnin table to answer questions.  If the Chef/Contestant is not present the entry will not be accepted.

4)      The Parents/Guardians will refrain from “taking charge”  they are there to assist and act as an aide to help the Chef/Contestant compete.

5)      The Box must be decorated by the Chef./Contestant.


Entry Box/Tray


1)      Creativity is encouraged both inside and outside the box.  Anything goes!  Have Fun! Be Creative!

a.       Inside the Box- You can use anything edible or non edible to make your entry the most spectacular entry to WOW the judges.  Anything touching food must be food safe.

b.      Outside the Box- No Edible foods can be outside the box.  These boxes will be handled by a number of contest representatives prior to arriving at the judging table.  You can make it as decorative within the theme as possible.  Paint, Color, Height, Etc. whatever you choose.



Theme: TBA

Turn-in Times TBA

BBQ Brawl
KIDS Kitchen
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